Be Stronger than your strongest excuse


mission statement

Pace Yourself is a supporting company for young professionals who work hard to reach specific goals in their lives while realizing the specific impact one person can have in their community. Pace Yourself allows students to hold each other accountable when the grind gets tough, not focusing on immediate success but in the growth of the individual.


The visionary behind Pace Yourself. A football player who played for The University of West Alabama with BIG dreams. The idea for the brand mark struck him when he was at a football camp and required to take a spirit animal quiz. The quiz resulted in a gorilla, which inspired “TP” with its strength, perseverance and ability to outwit. TP found this not only intriguing but a spin-off his own personality. He became driven to turn it into a brand to use to motivate others. He strives to encourage others with his contagious personality and experiences.







Pace Yourself Scholarship

The Pace Yourself scholarship seeks to help driven students from all backgrounds who are

planning to attend a smaller college or university. The fund intends to help students with a foresight and

a will to plan their futures in the best way they can. The ideal candidate should display a desire to pursue

growth in all aspects of his or her life, including personally, academically, and financially. Starting a

career at a smaller school shows the effort to relieve the financial burden of overly costly institutions

and encourages the student to be more independent and forward-thinking.



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